About Glasgow Jobs  - Talent Solution

Glasgow Jobs was founded with a single vision and purpose - to help companies optimise their human capital by leveraging their deep understanding of human resources and specifically the recruitment process.

The company focuses on providing the most trusted and accurate employee recruitment assessment tools in the industry. The tools help managers throughout the entire hiring process, helping companies become more productive and efficient, leading to increased profitability.

Glasgow Jobs has partnered with Harrison Assessments  who’s focus is on providing the most accurate and effective assessments in the industry by dedicating a large portion of its resources to research, development and user friendly software engineering

The founder of Harrison Assessments

 Dan Harrison, Ph.D. - Organizational Psychology. Dr Harrison is the developer and CEO of Harrison Assessments' and originator of ParadoxTechnology™ as used in Harrison Assessments. His diverse background in Mathematics, Personality Theory, Counselling Psychology, and Organizational Psychology has enabled him to make a unique and exceptional contribution to assessment methodology.

His 30 years of experience in Psychology and Assessment has enabled the Harrison Assessment tools to fulfil practical needs for recruitment, development and assessment. 


You can register online, upload your CV and apply for advertised vacancies. Furthermore, you can sign-up for email alerts and receive automatic notifications as and when relevant job advertisements are posted. Glasgowjobs.com covers an extensive range of industries, sectors, locations and disciplines and we are confident opportunities will exist for all individuals no matter what your skills, experience and aspirations. We also recognise that the West of Scotland and in particular Glasgow is a desirable location across the UK and Overseas and as such, many registered jobseekers may be based elsewhere and looking to move to the area.


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